Haute Furs Mink

Mink Coats - 871

871 - Mahogany Female Skins

Size: 14 Petite

Price: $960.00 Buy

Stunning Mahogany Mink with supurb sheen, hidden inner bracelet cuffs to keep the chill out.

Wing collar with stays can be worn up or down. Dark chocolate lining, French hem. This is an exceptionally made fur coat.

  • Length: 43"
  • Sweep: 65"
  • Sleeve Length: 29"
  • Sleeve from neckline to cuff: 28"
  • Across back between armholes: 21"
  • Inside underarm to underarm: 24"

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Special Note

All furs sold by Haute Furs are used or recycled furs.

There are no new furs or new fur coats in our inventory nor are additional animals used in the furs we sell.

All our products are second hand products or recycled materials.