About Haute Furs

About The Owner

Shana McGuire, Owner of Haute Furs, has always had a love of fur coats and has personally hand selected each fur. Most are designer furs because of the quality and origin of the fur, style and excellent craftsmanship. Most of these have only been worn a few times.

We only sell American furs!

Here are my truths; I know without a doubt that these coats are blessed with love and gratitude for the personal sacrifice they have given to keep you warm. The drastic climatic changes will only further escalate. I love and I honor all animals on this planet, which includes cows, whom we are blessed to nurture ourselves and family with. Pigs also give of themselves as do fish and many other species.

If we don't waste and appreciate these animals for their gifts to us there isn't any karma. To waste and not be grateful is a negative karma. A mink coat will last 50 years and will be passed down to many generations while a cloth coat is made of chemicals.

Call Shana directly at (520) 260-1964

Special Note

All furs sold by Haute Furs are used or recycled furs.

There are no new furs or new fur coats in our inventory nor are additional animals used in the furs we sell.

All our products are second hand products or recycled materials.

Recycle Your Furs

It's time to appreciate what we have and recycle fur. Wear your mother's or your grandmother's fur. Furs are joy, you would be surprised how many people approach me and ask to pet my coat. If only the furs could tell you all the stories and events that they've been part of.

You are being your "Authentic True Self" when you wear your fur. No apologies here.

Be true to yourself and do what makes you shine!