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We value your business and look forward to a longstanding relationship with you as your favorite place to shop for incredible used designer fur coats and jackets. Here you will find luxury furs for both men and women, at affordable prices. Browse our online fur store. We have an wonderful inventory of Mink, Beaver, Raccoon and Other Furs. Add a matching fur headband with velcro closure for $100 to complete your look and stay warm.

Smart women want the finest quality fur at the lowest price, and that's what you'll find here. Nothing else has the sensual tactile feel of a high end fur. The savvy woman knows where to get the best, at sensible prices.

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Shana McGuire, owner of Haute Furs, has always had a love of fur coats and has personally hand selected each fur. Most are designer furs because of the quality and origin of the fur, style and excellent craftsmanship.

We only sell American furs!

Made in America matters.

We do not buy Vintage Furs or Consign Furs. Your vintage furs are family heirlooms. Their value is sentimental, not monetary. If you have a fur that you no longer wear consider a Furrier who can craft them into lush pillows or a prized Teddy Bear that can be handed down to future generations. We can recommend a Furrier if you need one.

The Reason a Savvy Woman Buys From Haute Furs

The present economy requires buying resale due to the heavy depreciation of furs. Like new furs are available at pennies on the dollar.

Pricing factors weigh in like condition, age and type of fur, size, season, economy and demand.

All coats are cleaned and glazed prior to shipping.

All of the furs we carry are for women, and range in size from an 4 to a 20. Our furs are figure flattering because of their straight drop, and are made to be worn atop any style of clothing. Always choose a fur 1-2 sizes larger than a regular coat. If you are purchasing for someone else take their favorite coat and measure for sizing.

Each fur has been graded, cleaned and glazed by a master furrier.

All our coats are, of course, scent free.